Is Oct0xor Getting Close To Cracking TB and Cobra Dongles?

June 6, 2012

Oct0xor draws more blood as he hacks away at the True Blue and Cobra Dongles.

With the Dongle Wars going at full tilt the scene has been screaming for a freeware solution to play games requiring firmware higher than 3.55 and there has been some good work done out there recently by Oct0xor and Naehrwert. What they’ve been up to is decrypting the True Blue, and now Oct0xor has announced he’s made another leap forward in reverse engineering the True Blue and a few others as well. That’s right he’s now hacking away at the Cobra, and the PS3UserCheat dongles and has made some good progress on those as well.  He’s cracked the Cobra’s Eboot.bin and the PS3UserCheats cheatlist.dat and lv2 stage 1 and 2 thanks to some help from his friends flat_z and Naehrwert. Stay tuned for developments on the progress of this amazing work.


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