Is Sony Making PS Plus Better at E3?

May 30, 2012

E3 isn’t even here yet and the rumors are running rampant!  Last time we mentioned a Sony based E3 rumor it was about the possibility of cloud gaming.  Believe me, you wont want to miss what the latest rumor suggests…..

Sources are saying that Sony is preparing to revamp its PlayStation Plus system and will be announcing it at E3 next week.  So what right? Well they have also indicated that this redesign is an attempt to convince people to sign up for the PlayStation Plus membership in order to take advantage of the Free Games,  Huge Discounts, and Early Access to Demo’s, and whatever else they can think to add to it.  To add to the rumor it’s also been said that Sony will be offering big name games for free to entice members to sign up and integrating the Vita better than we have seen as of late.  And don’t forget cloud gaming that’s still on the table to. So what do you think, will Sony deliver on these rumors or not? Either way we’ll know in a week.


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