Is This The Leaked PS4 Release Date?

June 22, 2013

Oh the wonderful world of Gaf. Yet another leak/report/fact – whatever the hell you want to call it. But anyway, this time NeoGaf member named Cyborg has snapped a photo from a poster in MediaMarkt.

So, like I said someone from Gaf has snapped a picture of a poster in a market chain known as MediaMarkt – A pretty large chain in Europe – Amsterdam.

So here’s the picture a little bit larger:

November 13th. I’ve already said before that they will be focusing on Europe this generation, but does this mean that it’ll release earlier in Japan? Or even America?

I wouldn’t trust this completely, being as there has been multiple release date ‘leaks’ or announcements.

UK newspaper The Sun decided to put on their newspaper it would be released on 21st November, nevertheless, it all points to November.

Anyway, what do you think of this? Fellow Europeans, are you excited about this?

I won’t be getting a PS4 at launch, but if Naughty Dog have a launch title on it, I definitly will! :mrgreen:



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