It Does Scarlet Red Now

April 8, 2012

Japan isn’t the only region that can get some fancy colors for their PS3s. Sony is gearing up to release the PS3 in another color in Europe. It’s the perfect addition if you’re looking for a console to match your God of War collection or to prepare for a possible God of War 4. If you’re interested, you’ll be able to get yours real soon.

Amazon UK already has the product page in place for the Scarlet Red PS3. According to them, the paint scheme comes with 320 gigs of hard drive space and a price tag of £249.99. To top it off, the retailer is providing free shipping if you have it delivered within the UK.

The release date of the Scarlet Red PS3 according to Amazon UK is April 27, 2012. It’s right in time for the weekend if you want to get some serious gaming going or want to break in the console ever so lovely.

Source: Amazon UK via Examiner

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