It’s official, UNO was the most sold psp game in December

January 10, 2013

I have a tendency to minimize the impact of the scene on the actual gaming world. You’ll even see me saying that less than 5% of psp users are using a CFW, but once in a while, the industry confirms that we have a significant impact. Today Sony published their numbers for the most sold games on the PSN, and the numero uno in the PSP category is a familiar name :)

UNO was the vector of an exploit from frostegater, which allows people to install a psp custom firmware (Total Noob’s CEF) on their Vita running the latest firmware 2.02. Since the public announce of the exploit a few days ago, Sony has pulled the game from all their stores, a move that is now a tradition in their battle against homebrew. Interestingly, it took them a while to remove the game from the stores. Europe was the fastest, with the game being removed on January 2nd in the EU stores. Japan was on national holiday until the 7th, which is when the game was pulled from the JP store, and the US followed shortly afterward.

In spite of this, UNO was the most sold PSP game on the PSN for the month of December, and Sony say so themselves in their monthly report. What’s interesting is that we announced publicly the name of the game on December 31st, which means that either lots of people bought it before the public announcement (either with our ninja release, or by trusting some leaks), or that it sold a terrific amount on December 31st, or that nobody buys other PSP games on the PSN anymore.

Well, UNO is now there, shining like a star, beating AAA titles such as GTA or Starwars Battlefront. So I have to assume the impact of the scene is real on Sony’s sales.


Screenshot of Playstation’s top 5 sold PSP games in December 2012

Now if I were a hacker, I’d look for exploits in some of the other top 5 psp and psp mini games ;) Well, Uno and Monster Hunter are already done…

source: US Playstation blog, thanks to Charls for the tip!

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