It’s Showtime! Another Test Build For You To Check Out!

April 23, 2013

Here is another round of updates to the best thing that custom firmware has brought to my living room. That’s just my opinion of course. Showtime test build version 4.3.186 is now available to those who would like to test any new advancements that this application might have to offer. There have been seven revisions since we last reported. Most of the changes do focus on bug fixes such as saving titles in the TMDB settings and some codec issues. I have listed all seven below, take a look!



upnp: Correctly bind playcount, restartpos metadata for video items

After a recent other fix some metadata bound to UPnP items were lost

Fixes #1693


Fix broken settings for TMDB (Did not save ‘use original title’ to disk)

Fixes #1694


Fix problem with video codec opened before last one is closed in continous playback

This would cause crashes on PS3 when playing in continous mode


Fix recently introduced memory leak

Fixes #1677


Add support for XMP (Extentable Module Player) playback

This allows playback of old school music modules (from decades ago)

For more info see:

Also try out the new “The Mod Archive” App if you are interested in this


Add a new HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streamer

This new streamer supports adaptive rate switching between different
bitrates (and resolution) depending on the available bandwidth.

It will also start faster and seek faster due to the fact that it use
the lowest available bitrate during these events


Make “autoplay next video in list” work for UPNP

Fixes #1680

Download: Showtime 1.3.186

Source: lonelycoder via psx-scene

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