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July 24, 2012

Tortuga-cove resident itskamel has released his modified DEX 3.55 firmware for those of you running your newly converted debug consoles. With this modified DEX firmware you are able to install and run retail PKG’s. Coupled with the also newly released Rogero 3.55 DEX CFW one has more debug firmware options as those with the outdated retail custom firmware. To use this modified firmware or any DEX/Debug/Test firmware, modified or not, it is required that you first convert your retail PS3 to a debug PS3. Caution is advised as the slightest error could result in a bricked system.

Ok so you converted from CEX to DEX and you have not been able to install retail pkg’s? well now you can with this firmware. 3.55 DEX ofw patched with mfw builder for peek and poke and eussNL’s patch.


Use at your own risk!

I have installed and ran comgenie awesome file manager. please post if you are running other homebrew successfully.

You must change the file name from “NewDEXKamel.PUP” to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”

UPDATE: OK so i tested the psn game mortal kombat arcade collection and it installed fine with the duplex patch. That’s the only game I had to test. 

Download: NewDEXKamel.PUP

Source: tortuga-cove

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