JAISPI – Read and Write to the PS4 flash?

December 11, 2013

Just in, Spanish developer JaiCrab has released a tool based on the Raspberry Pi to read and write from the PS4′s flash memory through the SPI protocol. I’m not sure if it’s a hoax but it seems quite legit as the news has spread to many other websites.

 This is surprisingly early considering that the PS4 is barely a month old. Not only that, but the Vita (which has been out for almost 2 years now) hasn’t seen any such public development yet.

The tool has the ability to dump the flash onto an SD card, to write to the flash and to clear the flash (not recommended without a proper backup of the flash – it would brick your PS4 and I doubt Sony would be willing to fix it)

If you haven’t heard of the Raspberry Pi, this is what it looks like:

Yes, that’s a computer and yes, it does run linux

Developer JaiCrab has also released a utility to unpack the PS4 PUP files, of course such a utility isn’t really useful without the keys to decrypt the packages inside.

There isn’t much other information on the tool, hopefully we’ll get some more information soon.

So the usual question: Accessing memory is one of the first steps to hacking a system, accessing flash memory is a huge step because that’s usually where the OS is stored. So, what do you think? Is this the start of the PS4 scene?

Post your opinion below ;)

Details and download at psdevwiki

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