Japan gets a PS Vita Price cut

February 21, 2013

SCEJ President Hiroshi Kawano has announced a price cut for Japanese Ps vita Models down to 19,980 yen  (approx. $215) for both wifi and 3g models.
Previously, 3G+Wifi: 30,000
Wifi Only: 25,000
Japanese Vita buyers will also get a 7 day trial of PS PLUS (Uncharted, Ridge Racer, and other freebies in the month of February)

Is Sony trying to sell more vitas in parallel with their big ps4 announcement, to guarantee a good number of Vita users will help with the symbiosis between the two devices? Or are their Vita sales that bad? The vita, when launched in japan on Dec. 17 2011 sold about 325,000 units, and it came to an all time low in the 2nd week of Feb 2012 with only 12,309 units sold in japan. Even the PSP out-sold the vita by 2000 models…

More surprisingly, the 3G model and the Wifi model are now the same price, is there any reason to not buy the 3G Model?

psvitapriceSony have confirmed that no similar price cut should be expected in the US.

Why do YOU think the vita is getting a price cut?

Source: Engadget

(note by wololo: we’re a bit late on that piece of news, we got sidetracked by the ps4 announcement, apologies for that!)

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