Japanese Games…More Western?

July 13, 2012

We all know a famous Japanese game, take Final Fantasy for example. However recently, Japanese game developers have decided their games should go in a different direction…

Japanese game developers have recently come to the conclusion that they need to make their titles more ‘Hollywood’ and increase game budgets in order to appeal more to their western audience. Many fans of Final Fantasy will have definitely started to notice this westernisation in the XIII series, big budget and awful western soundtrack that to be honest, took some originality from the series.

In my opinion I’d suggest that Japanese games that are already successful do not need to be westernised anymore, like I said…Final Fantasy is westernised too much already. However, the idea of bigger budget titles coming from Japan is definitely something I can agree with and I find it difficult to become involved with many JRPG’s at the moment. Hopefully we see something soon…what do you guys think?

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