JB-King: Anything Blue can do I can do too

March 16, 2012

Well today the True Blue clones got a little better.  From the JB-King camp comes quite the update. With the V2012.03.16 Update the JB-King has cracked the infamous True Blue v2.5 update and is now capable of playing all of the v2.5 patched games with their dongle. If you have a JB-King follow the instructions below for the update and what exactly you’ll get.


1. Press on JB-King upgrade switch and plug in main USB interface. Open “Upgrade.exe” and upgrade “updrade2.5.dfu”. Then pull out JB-King and close “Upgrade.exe”

2. Do not press on JB-King power switch. Plug it into PC. After about 5-8 seconds, pull out JB-King.

3. Press on JB-King upgrade switch power again, and plug it into USB interface. Open “Upgrade.exe” and upgrade “S_2.5.dfu”. The process will last for a longer time, please be patient!

3. If you get tips as follows, congratulation! You upgrade successfully.

Update content:

2012-3-16: Support all V2.5 games

2012-01-13: support “Batman Arkham City”

2012-01-04: support more 7 pcs special BD-R games

2011-11-30: support latest 2.4 upgrade 8 pcs games

2011-11-28:corrected somewhere in ” Upgrade Method

2011-11-24: JB-KING upgrade package V2011.12.24,add  “JBK reset patch 2.3_upgrade” and “reset patch guide V2.3”



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