JB-King On Recent True Blue Actions

April 6, 2012

If True Blue can toss em, they sure can get it back. With True Blue on the attack in regards to manufacturers cloning their dongles and the userbase generated with it, we have yet to see any of the competing dongle teams respond. That was that, until now as JB-King takes to the defense on the situation.

In a news post titled “JB-King can support all coming upgrade!!!”, the team outlines 5 points as to why JB-King will come on top despite the actions being taken by the True Blue team. The JB-King team notes that they will be able to continue making their dongle compatible with future releases of the TB custom firmware. Not only that, True Blue won’t be able to stop JB-King unless they outright block legit TB users, regardless of the anti-clone methods used.

It seems as if tension is building between True Blue and JB-King. Let’s see where this one goes. Who would you be siding with this one?

Source: JB-King via PSX-Scene

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