JP exploited game for TN-V4 (Katekyo Hitman reborn Battle Arena 2) removed from the JP store. Other locales to follow?

December 16, 2013

Two days ago we announced the names of 2 games that will be used in Total_Noob’s upcoming TN-V4 CFW release for the PS Vita. One of the exploited games was specific to the JP store: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena2.

According to early reports, Sony Japan have now removed the game from the PSN store, a now traditional move on their end every time a hack in a PSP game is announced. According to user apolo1192 on twitter, the game has also been removed from people’s download list.

This emphasizes the need for people to make sure they actually download and install the exploited games on their Vita before Sony pulls them from the store. The Game used for TN-V4 in Europe and the US, 101-in-1 megamix, is still available at the time of this writing, but no doubt that Sony will quickly take action, as soon as the weekend in over in the impacted regions (anytime now in Europe, and in a few hours in the US).

In the meantime, The Z reported that 101-in-1 megamix has topped the sales charts for the PSP in the HK store, and has reached the top 30 overnight in Germany:

Once the game is downloaded and installed on your console, please stay tuned, as we’re all waiting for TN’s release!

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