Kado Releases True Blue Patch for Downgraded PS3’s

January 2, 2012

Published on 01-02-2012 02:48 AM

PlayStation 3 developer Kado has released a patch for those who have downgraded their consoles and unable to use the True Blue dongle. He also gives a hint to developers regarding the patch2 file. Below are the full details.
To Quote:

How to use it:
If you attend to downgrade 3.56+ console and use TB dongle after that then use this steps (if you already at Rogero CFW V2.0 do the same steps also):

  1. – Dump your NOR flash using Progskeet first if you didn’t have a good dump from your console.
  2. – Download patch file attached to this thread.
  3. – Extract this file and you will get 4 folders use patch in folder “Coba_2” to patch your dump using WinSkeet.
  4. – Apply this patch to your dump then flash it to your console.
  5. – Enter a Factory Service Mode using any method you like.
  6. – Use TB CFW with Lv2diag.self to flash your TB CFW in FSM.
  7. – Start your console normally, if it brick just dump this NOR flash again then patch again using “Coba_2” patch.
  8. – If it still bricked use “Coba_3” patch to patch your dump again then flash it back to your console.
  9. – Start console normally, now your console can run TB CFW on downgraded console.
  10. – Power off your console, plug your TB Dongle then power it on again and enjoy .

Credit goes to Kado for this patch
Also a very big thanks goes to:
Abkarino (Me kado gives me this not me),nice69, uf6667, rogero,muggi, eusnl, ago, and all ppl.

Hot Tip:
For every one interested just look at patch2 file it is and empty coreos file with only part of lv0 modified to do this trick

Source: ps3crunch.net

Download: KADO True-Blue Patch for Downgraded consoles

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