KakaRoTo Releases a New Homebrew Manager

November 26, 2012

Back in September, coders Alex Betts and KakaRoTo released the first usable RSX graphics library for PS3 developer creations. At the time, this meant that from now on the scene would have the ability to bring quite a bit of detail to the otherwise somewhat bland homebrew offerings. Instead of just relying on pure processor power to get the job done, the smartest teams now had the ability to establish some sense of control over the PS3 RSX GPU. This allowed for the possible creation of full 3D titles that showed just a little bit more of what this console is actually capable of when placed in the right hands.

While difficulties in the coding process have in some senses left these fully 3D releases few and far between, KaKaRoTo is back to show what some of his previous hard work can actually accomplish. With the release of the Elegant Homrbrew Manager, you now have a way to catalogue all of your favorite applications. As if that wasn’t good enough for you, this little add on remains true to its name by giving users the option to either use one of the awesome default skins, or possibly even make a setup of their own should they be so inclined. Released in its “as is” form, this is more of a proof of concept than an actual beta, but it still does a nice job of installing those trusty .pkg files in a more hidden manner that won’t add any additional clutter to the XMB.

As it stands right now, the manager isn’t without its share of bugs. Games do not currently load, and the app apparently freezes on exit. At this stage things might not be super usable, but at the very least it gives us a peek into the bright and beautiful future for organizing homebrew.


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