Katsu HDMI Mod: Where does it stand now?

March 21, 2014

A lot of you are wondering, “Will katsu release his HDMI out mod? How did he do it?” It’s not surprising if you are left in the dark, the situation is a bit confusing. Hopefully this will clear it up for you.

About two months ago Katsu tweeted the above photo along with the words:

PS Vita with HDMI out :D

When asked for more info, the following tweet ensued:

The thing is, details did not come soon (yes, we could argue for hours about the definition of “soon”). Because of this long period of time where more info was lacking, /talk user nazar_ops created a thread saying that he believed the mod to be fake.

Katsu then decided that this was a fit time too make a statement. What he said, I have to admit, is a bit interesting:

2-3 people and has offered to sell commercial purposes. that’s why I do not share. that’s why some people do not want to earn money.

It is a bit cryptic, but you have to take into account that English is not katsu’s first language. Here is my translation:

2-3 people have offered to buy the method from me. I do not want to earn money, so that is why I’m not sharing.

Katsu is not looking to make money from his work, so he does not want to share. Why didn’t he just say that he didn’t want to share? It really would have helped the people he made this statement to, opposed to just staying quiet. Then, another /talk user, dboyz, made a very good point:

I see, but then once you shared the details, those 2-3 people cant gain much money from it since it is publicly known method.

Yes, some people looking to make some bucks probably would be able to sell this to a few shallow-minded people, but if it were public, katsu would be fully credited and praised by many.

Ok, so here is where we stand. Katsu, at the moment, does not plan to release his work. I believe, that any true member of the community should respect this decision, but I’m not saying that you can’t oppose it.

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. Katsu, if you are reading this, will you be willing to change your mind if you see he support of the commmunity. And to the community, use the comments below, tell katsu what you think. Also, vote in this poll, to let your voice be heared. You can, if you’d like, contact/follow me on Twitter, using the handy links below.

Source: /talk

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