KDSBest Releases Gamepad Hack

January 7, 2013

In case you haven’t exactly been following the work of KDSBest in the past, they have done quite a lot with regards to the innards of PS3 games with an emphasis on hacks and cheating. For example, just last week, the Dishonored Savegame hacker was released which gave some players  a little bit of an edge in this otherwise difficult action experience. Just as recently KDSBest has also developed a tool that allows users to embed all of your PS3UserCheat Cheats into the actual eboot too, making the hacking process a little bit more seamless for us all.

This talented voice in our community keeps their streak going by unleashing the KDSBest Gamepad hack that not only gives us a pretty solid base function, but also has its eyes on the future as well. For now, this little alteration will allow you to set the shutdown function of your PS3 to a simple two button combination. Gone are the days of having to wade through splash screens to reach the option when you have an alternative as good as this. On top of that however, the download also includes a proof of concept to provide shortcuts for other crucial system actions as well, such as a system reset. Clearly then, there is more to come from KDSBest, but right now I have to say I’m pretty pleased with what I see so far.


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