Keep an eye on your PS3 with new theme: You are tripping bro!

February 10, 2013

Who needs *Ganja* when you have this crazy dynamic theme?. ;)

To quote:

We’ve just discovered the best thing about the new PSN store. Yes, buying things through your browser is convenient, but this is better.

Now, we can load up a video preview of new PS3 dynamic themes. That means that we can capture them as GIFs and make sure everyone sees what is going on in the lawless Wild West-style landscape of “premium” decorations for your PS3.

And what is going on this week is this eye-searing, seeing eye, the “Santa Cruz Target” dynamic theme. Load this up, and finding your PS3 content becomes a game – a game of navigating the menu as quickly as possible before you fall into some kind of trance or get a massive headache. See it in motion – and be seen by it – after the break.

[Source] = Joystiq

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