Keep Your PS3 Tools Updated With PS3 Tools Collection 2.1.5

March 9, 2013

Developer Aldo has released three revisions to his collection of tools. In revision 2.1.5 you get auto PSN image downloads, USB game list importing and exporting to CSV file format in PS3 Games Database 1.2.6. Bruteforce Save Data gets an added plugin that assists in game save patching. Other apps have also been updated so be sure to check the full list detailed below.

ps3 games database

PS3 Games Database 1.2.6 updated 2013-03-08!
This tool lets you create a database of PS3 games and search through it easily.
You can build your own database of collected games in CSV format and use this tool to view and organize it.


New features: 

  • Auto download images from PSN store
  • save database to CSV file
  • import list of games from USB drive, FTP server, clipboard or just entering the URL of a game


Bruteforce Save Data 3.6.3 updated 2013-03-08!
It’s a frontend for flatz save data tools 0.2.3. It finds the keys of several games in seconds and let you resign your saved games and trophies. A wide selection of cheats is also available to be applied to the saves.


3.6.3 features:

  • a new Patch Creator plugin to assist in the creation of save patches


Game Settings Manager 1.0 new 2013-03-05!
Manage your multiMAN’s game settings from the PC. Connect your USB drive to the PC, configure the settings and play with multiMAN on the PS3.


PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.3 updated 2013-03-05!
It’s a tool to edit PARAM.SFO files (from PS3 GAMES, SAVE DATA, PSP, etc.) and the PARAM.SFX files created by “Create PS3_EXTRA” (see it below).


Changes in 2.8.3:

  • Command line now let you create a PARAM.SFO and add new fields if they don’t exist.
  • Example: PARAM_SFO_Editor.exe PARAM.SFO “TITLE_ID” “BLES12345” “TITLE” “MY GAME” “CATEGORY” “HG”

Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.1.5


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