Kiefer Sutherland is Snake! Live Konami E3 Recap

June 6, 2013

So here it is, we begin Konami’s Pre-E3 show, of course we’re expecting to see some of their major news being announced out of this. Of course, for those who expect to see a new Snak voice actor, don’t hold your breathe, David Hayter has been sighted in L.A., and with his less than suttle tweet this week, I expect a huge crowd explosion of elation when his voice matches Snake’s lips, anyway let’s get to the live recap.

We see the opening with the classic up up down down code, a PES 2014 logo, FOX/XOF logos to bring in Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, and of Castlevania. No Crowd? It’s just a white background and pre-recorded. I guess they had to go this way from all the negative attention their 2010 conference got. This whole show just screams Nintendo Direct so far. They are recapping their 40 year anniversary here so a basic history of the company so far. They go on to talk about combatting Child obesity with Dance Dance Revolution: Classroom Edition. The social games studio now takes the helm in San Mateo, California. MLB Dream Nine for iOS and on Facebook is talked about with the infamous Zynga who recently layed off 18% of their employees. Good start? MLB Live Challenge announced for iOS along with Kung Fu Factory’s Domo Jump. Konami want to jump into Casino Apps with Casino revolution. Now into Sports, because we havent has enough of that. PES 2014, want to capture the true innvoation of sports, they’re going through the trechnicals and a brand new engine, which actually looks fantastic. Better than FIFA to be honest. Six new mechanics will run with the new engine, True ball, tech-mass, pes id team play, heart, and the core. True ball tech allows you to control the ball in any direction, even in the air. They’ve actually made mechanics to control you and only you, so the ball has it’s own mechanic. Heart allows you to control the homefield advantage, with morale and crowd control which will influence the teams motivation and abilites, not bad. More updates in the engine will come in the future.

Here we go Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain! Trollio Kojima is talking about the tone of the game expressing a much more subdued tone compared to the previous in the series! The game takes place in 1984 where snake is younger, They actually have Kiefer Sutherland to play Snake’s facial and VOICE!? God I hope it’s not the voice too. Please let this be a troll attempt. Hollywood takeover. Although I will admit though it looks good. God it makes me cringe saying that. I have admitted in the past that I did want Hayter replaced, but Sutherland? This is questionable to say the least. Well that’s it! We now know. Kiefer Sutherland is Snake.


Now some Castlevania talk. Lords of Shadow 2 will have a much darker story, and the antagonist will be Dracula! You will have new mechanics in the game that will have more strategic and tactical gaming engine. The Mercury engine will be updated to ajust to the games new format. The game will be an open world without loading times, and will have an open universe feel with a camera that will be much more improved compared to previous games. The graphical update will be noticable. The series will be in a modern day setting with Dracula in a moden twist. The game will be playable on the showroom floor, and now a trailer is shown. Pretty sweet if you ask me, good looking game here. It announced for PS3, XBOX 360, and PC.

A Mega64 Castlevania spoof is shown here, not news but still funny. This will take it to the end of the show, but of course the big news to come out of this whole Show is Kiefer Sutherland is infact Snake, you would have thought that with Kojima’s trolling he was just leading everyone on. I’m sure many hardcore fans out there are screaming in retchid pain, I myself am fine with a replacement, but Sutherland was not my first thought in mind. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as E3 goes on. Thanks for joining us, and see you next week for our live Nintendo E3 Recap. Watch the full Konami E3 Show below.

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