Killzone: Mercenary Public Beta Live

August 20, 2013

Get an early taste of the first “real”, console quality FPS for the Vita right now.

The Killzone; Mercenary Public Multiplayer beta just went live (in North America). Starting now, those who have PlayStation Plus or acquired beta codes from the PS Home E3 program can redeem the codes and jump in on the action right now. After that, on August 27th everyone else can gain access to the beta until it concludes on September 3rd.

I’ve already jumped in and have played a few games. Aside from the aiming which feels a little jerky which can be fixed later via an update, or with the available settings; its impressive. From just playing this beta, it already makes Call of Duty: Declassified look like a complete joke. The game is solid, and Guerrilla Cambridge have really set the bar high. The game’s fleshed out UI, progression system, lag free-bugfree online and console quality graphics really display the capabilities of the Vita’s hardware.

So far, it looks like it could be the Vita’s saving grace. If Sony can keep this up with more releases that follow in the steps of Killzone’s quality, the Vita will surely do very, very well.

Killzone: Mercenary releasesĀ on September 4th in EU, September 5th for Spain and Portugal, September 6th for UK, Ireland and Australia and North America gets it on September 10th.

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