Klicense Tool Updated – Fix Your Own 3.60 Games

August 15, 2012

PlayStation 3 developers Aldostools and Asure have released and updated a brute forcing tool that will hunt down the klicense of game updates and resign them with the keys needed for custom firmware 3.55.

Many game fixes that have been floating around the web simply don’t work due to them not been decrypted and resigned correctly. Have that pesky game that shows error “8001003C”? Well… this tool might be the solution you were looking for!

It is a scetool-brute force tool, with heuristic algorythms to help to reduce the time finding the klicensee. Just copy the EBOOT.BIN, self/sprx and PARAM.SFO to the folder and let the program fix them.
If the klicense is already known (currently 16 known klicensees), it will take only 3 seconds to resign/fix your game using 3.40 or 3.55 keys.
If the klicense is unknown, it could take some minutes or hours to find it. eg. WWE 12’s took 1 hour 7 mins 37 secs to find it.

The tool is based on Asure’s brute force batch script, but improved a lot with the help and ideas of several devs/users @ crunch (see the credits).


  • Install your 3.60 game updates
  • if it just uses an eboot, copy that eboot into the program directory and run eboot_fix.bat
  • if it has self and/or sprx files too copy the eboot and all sprx/self files into the directory and run BruteForce.EXE. It has some klicense files stored already and will decrypt and resign everything automatically. If it doesn’t have the klicense stored it will bruteforce the klicense for you. It can take anywhere from a couple minutes to over an hour – It just depends on how long it takes to find the klicense
  • After everything is resigned copy/ftp the newly resigned eboot/sprx/self files to the proper place in dev_hdd0/game/**GAMEID**/…

Download: BruteForce.exe or SCETool + BruteForce

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

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