Kojima: MGS Legacy Collection Just Too Massive For Xbox 360: (6 DVDs for legacy is he Joking? nope.)

May 6, 2013

We know this will eventually will happen. 6 dvds for Xbox 360….
I’m starting to doubt about Kojima campaing with this Legacy Collection and those 6 dvds are still a rumour, nothing confirmed.
Obviously on PS3 you have 2 blu-ray discs.

Check this: 

Click it to see how huge is this legacy collection.

Legacy collection.

To quote:

Well, that’s what you get for using a woefully outdated software format.
The massive bundle known asMetal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection consists of a grand total of 7 games and over 60 hours of content. And that is precisely the reason why it’s exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

This collection is so huge that it actually requires two Blu-Ray discs to hold the majority of the franchise’s quarter-century saga. They didn’t even get it all in there; we’d probably need a third disc if they had. So on Thursday during a Kojima Productions radio broadcast, boss man Hideo Kojima clarified that The Legacy Collection would’ve needed 6 DVDs on the 360. We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but hardcore fans are anxiously waiting already… Don’t worry, it might drop in June.

To be honest, as much as I’m a supporter of multiplatform releases so all gamers can get a chance to play certain masterpieces, I’m fine with this.Metal Gear Solid‘s legacy is firmly planted in the PlayStation universe. I know it began on other earlier consoles but let’s face it; the MGS legend is rooted in PlayStation history; it’s synonymous with the brand. I know it has gone multiplatform now, but it’d almost be like having a Halo collection on the PS3. It just doesn’t make much sense, I say.

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