closed for an ‘indefinite period’

May 28, 2013

Update: the forums are still closed but the content is now available in a read-only way. Thanks Mathieu :)

Those of you who have been on the Sony scene for less than 3 or 4 years might have never heard of it, but the once-famous PSP/PS3 scene forum has closed for an “indefinite period of time”, which could mean forever as far as I can tell. was owned and operated by PSP/PS3 scene legend Mathieulh, one of the people who, among other things, gave us Homebrew signing on the PSP. Another “pioneer” of PSP hacking, Silverspring, was a long time resident admin there. It was one of the places where people discussed PSP exploits freely, and a few major PSP hack milestones originated there, such as Mattiaz’s Gripshift exploit. I had myself discussed my first “crash” there, which turned out to be a serious security issue in the libtiff, and impacted not only the PSP, but most OSes as well.

The moderators at, including myself, had started receiving some PM spam from advertising bots over the past months, and I assume this is one of the reasons that triggered the closure of the site.

As I type this, none of the content on the site is accessible, which is a shame because it was still today a useful source of information for PSP reverse engineering. I have contacted Mathieulh to see if the forums could instead come back in a “read only” fashion.

I remember one day when my site was down because of a bug, somebody posted about it on, and the admins immediately replied something along the lines of “who cares if wololo’s blog is down for 1 day, it’ll come back”. I wish I could say the same today.

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