Lara Croft and Dante Got Their Franchise Reboots, So Here Are a Few Other Games That Deserve A Fresh Coat of Paint

March 6, 2013

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PaRappa the Rapper

In many regards, the original PaRappa the Rapper is often talked about as the first-modern rhythm music video game, and in 1996 I would be inclined to agree with that. By pressing the buttons on screen, you completed crazy songs and progressed from a fighting dojo to becoming one of the coolest canine rappers that ever walked the planet. Sure it didn’t have the backing of mainstream songs like Rock Band and DDR have today, but that was all part of its charm. Couple the original tunes that told a story along with some incredibly unique animations and you’ve got yourself a PS Classic. The sad truth is though, it was never able to really recover once more modern peripherals beyond the controller came along.


So why should we get a remake? Because the industry has evolved in ways that could benefit the franchise. With the use of add-ons like the Move, and possibly even the PS4′s included camera, we can now get rapping in any number of ways. Not to mention, the Rock Band buzz has died down a bit, so it’s time for a new name to hog the spotlight. It also doesn’t hurt that Sony recently decided to include PaRappa in PlayStation All-Stars either. This linguistic dog is back on the minds of the people, so give us what we want!

Is PaRappa too childish for you? Then maybe this next game will be enough to chill your bones!

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