Latest BF3 Update Shooting Everyone In The Foot

March 31, 2012

Battlefield 3 is still a game that’s a daily kicker for many out there on the PlayStation Network. With heavy development going into DLC to keep Battlefield fresh, you would expect that quality is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, DICE has opened up another hole while trying to fix another.

The last update was supposed to fix up previously existing bugs that players have reported. However, instead of doing that, it has added more fuel to the fire by extending on those issues. Players are now reporting that the update is causing their consoles to freeze up.

EA nor DICE has publicly addressed the matter as of yet. If you are reading this now, it’s words to the wise. Don’t update if you haven’t already. If you have accepted the cursed update, let us know if you’re experiencing any problems in the comments below.

Source: TG Daily

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