Leaked PS4 ‘Early Test Kit Build’ User Interface Video

August 7, 2013

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Here’s a video (description is below) from the UI of an early PS4 Test Kit Build. The video was captured during the Blacklight: Retribution Livestream yesterday.

Published on Aug 6, 2013

An early look at the PS4 UI, which was accidentally shown during a Blacklight:Retribution demo earlier today on a test kit. This exact layout probably won’t appear in the retail version but we do get to hear some sound effects and animations that could appear in the finished product. He does say that this is a very early build (though he may have been referencing the game) and that this was one of the very first test kits to go out.

Some interesting tidbits:
-The PS4 can recover from a game crash without locking up.
-Games are considered applications and can apparently run alongside other applications (multi-tasking).
-If you’re connected to the internet, application information is automatically updated in the dynamic menu.
-The built-in DVR can automatically start up when you start a game? Or maybe when you turn it on it stays on? Maybe it was being used for this livestream? (in which case this is pretty damn good quality).

Being a test kit the displayed HDD capacity is probably not final.

Playstation 4 Test Kit Dev Kit UI Leak

via Neogaf

Also, thanks for @Crometheus for posting the video in the ps3hax forums!

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