Legal ways of getting free iPhone Apps

August 31, 2013

Hello again everyone! I hope you’re all happy with your new Battlefields and all of the rest humble bundle pack. In this new article I will explain the best legal ways of getting free apps and games for the iPhone.

Fortunately, I have been able to gather enough money so as to buy the “very old” iPhone 4. No, it’s not 4s, it’s not 5, it is simply 4. Anyway, I don’t really care ’cause I like it as lot. Obviously, everything has bad things, and the iPhone is not an exception. The first problem I had was that most apps and games are expensive, and there are more free games on the Android Market than on the App Store.

So I went and started searching in Google ways to get free apps. Of the many methods that I found (legal and illegal) I only found twi fully-working methods. First one was AppFree, Free App of the Day, whatever you wanna call it. How does this work? Easy, you simply download one of the many apps from the AppStore (I will leave links at the end of this article) which have by name ‘Free Apps’, ‘App of the day’, and many more. And then every day the creators of the app negotiate with companies to make their game/apo free for a whole day.

They tell you which app is free for that day and you can download it! Easy isn’t it? I have to say I downloaded WhatsApp for free thanks to one of these apps. Now the second method, which is a bit harder and takes more time but lets you choose which app/game you want for free. These apps are found by the likes of ‘Feature Points’, ‘Free my apps’, etc. (Links at the end). In this type of apps you have to download free app/games and they give you points you can then exchange for iTunes/Amazon Gift Cards. Cool, right?

Well, this is it, until next time and here are the links:

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