Lets Talk Retro – A Preview To An Upcoming Release

March 27, 2013

A soon to be released application for custom firmware users has been announced. RetroXMB will allow you to direct boot RetroArch roms from your PlayStation 3 XMB. No need to launch your favorite retro games by running a third-party application. From the information released so far you will use an app on your PC that will create an installable PKG with custom icons.

eteiqIe - Imgur

“You will have a PC app that will create the PKG that will also add all required files in order to run. So it is not even required to have the official RetroArch installed. However this is not for someone who wants to put a full romset on the XMB. I did however manage to get over 250 roms PKG’s installed with no slow down or issues. To see this process of direct booting of a Retro Rom please take a look at the videos below from fellow tester UnknownArchive.”

      • Easy Access to boot ROMs from the XMB
      • Great for kids.family & friends who are not familiar with the booting of Roms in RetroArch/mM.
      • Brings some Retro Love to the XMB.
      • PKGs Installable on Internal or External via Game Data Tool
      • GUI that creates the PKG will be fully customizable:
      • Title on the XMB, TitleID, ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, SND0.AT3, & ICON1.PAM


Source: psx-scene | ps3hax

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