libmove 0.1 Released

January 16, 2013

Does anyone still even use the PlayStation Move? PS3 Dev deroad has released libmove 0.1. The source was written by KaKaRoTo and bigboss and was revised by deroad before release. This will help homebrew developers to explore new ways to enable the move control into their applications. At least this way we’ll actually get some use out of this thing. Could we see a Super Nintendo Emulator with Move support? libmove is for PSL1GHT V2 and will be installed inside the PORTLIBS. An official statement from deroad has been released on behalf of the libmove team:

I wanted to release this lib because someone would find it useful. i wrote some things, but most of the stuff were written by KaKaRoTo and bigboss.

This lib has been tested and works. for any bug report, please write to me on github or send me an email.


Tags: dev tools, developmental tools, homebrew, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Move, PS Move

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