List Of Scene Fakers & Lamers

April 26, 2012

Nobody likes fakers. Here’s a list of the bad seeds in the scene that you should avoid at all costs, especially after the rumors of 4.11 custom firmwares surface.

hellsing9 on the PS3Hax forums is compiling a list of fake developers and applications that have surfaced on the PS3 scene so far. The list stretches to 16 devs and 3 fake apps, one of which happens to be a fake 4.11 custom firmware. The importance of this list is that the stuff being pushed by these fakers have been known to cause PS3s to brick. It’s not a good thing, especially if you get caught in it.

As always, if there is anything groundbreaking such as a new custom firmware or homebrew app, you’ll find it right here on -hacks as well as a wealth of other reputable sites such as PSX-Scene. If you’re still skeptical of the legitimacy of the app, sit it out and wait for others who are willing to bite the bullet for you. If not, at least have tools at the ready in case you need to recover from a worse case scenario.

You can check out the growing list over at PS3Hax.

Source: PS3Hax

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