Little Big Planet Winner And PS3HaX Vs PSX-Scene

November 1, 2013

The competition to win LBP for PS Vita is over and the winner is:
Could you PM me if you want your prize mutantchipmunk.

PS3HaX Vs PSX-Scene

If you read this thread, you would know that PSX-Scene took the friendly challenge offer, so i would like to thank STLCardsWS, tthousand and No0b Inside for setting that up over there, at the moment we are beating PSX-Scene who have raised $146.00, but it isn’t over until tomorrow, so who knows, someone might come in with a generous donation.

I do hope that PSX-Scene does this again next year and maybe other sites like Dashhacks, PS3News, PS3Crunch and other scene related sites get involved too, e might not all get along and we may have our disagreements, but when it comes to something like this, we should put any animosity and hatred behind us.

PS3HaX Extra Life Team

The PS3HaX Extra Life Team have raised a very awesome $343.00 and i would like to thank the following people for helping me reach that goal:

Tomorrow from 8AM i will be playing Lu Bu’s story in Dynasty Tactics 2, i will try to last the full 25 hours, but if i cant, it will be done the following day after sleep.

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