Looking For 3.60 EBOOTS? Let This App Find Them For You

August 9, 2012

Now that he have an abundance of 3.60 EBOOTs and related tools is flowing in, it’s time to do the dirty work of getting them from the intertwebs to your PS3 console(s). PS3Hax member Deviance has put together an application to make part of the process easier for you.

It’s called FreeLoader and it’s a Windows application that will list the 3.60 EBOOTs and download them to your computer. From there, it’s the usual patchwork and transferring off to the PS3.

You can grab FreeLoader over at PS3Hax, below.

Download: FreeLoader v.01 | Alt. Version If You Experience Graphic Issues

Source: PS3Hax

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