Looking For A Black Ops 2 Modding Tool? Choco Has You Covered.

January 20, 2013

If you’ve had enough of the newest Call of Duty that is reminiscent of all the others we have all played at some point or another and are looking to spice things up a little bit then we have some good news for you.  Choco has released a Call of Duty: Black ops II Modding Tool for the PlayStation 3.

This easy to use tool allows you to build your own .self/.bin files for use on your CFW enabled PS3 and allows for a variety of mods spanning from GOD mode to unlimited ammo and are working for Campaign, Zombies and Multiplayer modes (Do not go online or you will be hit with the Activision ban hammer). You should note that this tool will only work for Call of Duty: Black Ops II 1.04 patch.


How to use the tool:

1. Download the .rar file and extract it (if you delete any files from inside the rar, the tool will not work!)

2. Launch “BOII Modding Tool.exe”.

3. Load an ELF file for either campaign or MP/Zombies (EBOOT.ELF is for campaign, t6mp_ps3.elf is for MP/Zombies. Downloads for clean ELFs can be found in the downloads section of this post).

4. Check off whatever mods you want. Make sure to pick a region and a firmware version. If you want to choose DEX firmware, you will need to get the file “make_fself_npdrm.exe” from the PS3 SDK and add it to the folder with my tool.

5. Click on “Build .SELF/.BIN”. Save the file as whatever you want.

6. If your mods are for campaign, rename the file you saved to EBOOT.BIN and copy it to /dev_hdd0/game/YOUR REGION/USRDIR/ on your PS3.

7. If your mods are for Multiplayer/Zombies, rename the file you saved to t6mp_ps3f.self and copy it to /dev_hdd0/game/YOUR REGION/USRDIR/ on your PS3.

Important notes:


-I cannot provide a link to make_fself_npdrm due to legality issues. If you want to build your mods for DEX, you will need to get this file (can be found in the PS3 SDK) and add it to the folder with my tool in it.

-Any false virus positives on my tool are due to protection of the application to prevent reverse engineering.

-This tool will only work for ELFs from the 1.04 update.

-If you use super jump in Campaign, you MUST use god mode to prevent dying from fall damage.

-If you use Floating Bodies in campaign, some vehicles will float into the sky. This makes several missions impossible to complete.

YOU WILL GET BANNED IF YOU USE THIS ONLINE. It’s also best to keep it offline, wouldn’t want to ruin gameplay for others.

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