Looking for a multiMAN Alternative? IrisManager 2.15 Released

February 24, 2013

Estwald and D_Skywalk has put together another version of IrisManager 2.15. If you’re just getting around to 2.11, stop what you’re doing and get acquainted with this version. IrisManager 2.15 throws in a few new features and tweaks as well as the usual bugfixes.


  • Fixed problem of authentication in PS3 discs when copying: if a problem occurs, the disc is ejected and auto load again, but has added a check for that to happen as little as possible or simply not happen.
  • Added SQUARE button to eject / load disk.
  • Now the disc into the tray stops after two minutes of inactivity approximate.
  • Added L3/R3 to change category of games. Now, L2/R2 buttons don’t have any function.
  • Added libnet with syscall and jjolano FTP v2.3 (there is a version 3.0 with improvements, but I do not have the source code (If you know where to obtain it, let me know). The 2.3 is the one on github)
  • Added new system font with Japanese characters (and Western) to display the title of the game (you can’t add Japanese language on Iris with this method: it’s just for game titles)
  • Some tweaks on psx_payload

If IrisManager is your choice of backup manager, you can grab it below.


Download: IrisManager 2.15

Source: elotrolado.net

via PS3Hax

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