Lower PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies

April 17, 2013

Still on a lower firmware and don’t want to update? Here is a comprehensive guide to manually updating to a firmware, activating and linking a Ps Vita, getting exploits after they’re pulled, copying content and more!

Just like the popular “For Dummies” guides, this guide will follow in the same fashion making it easy to understand, efficient, and quick for you to learn from without getting too technical. Ill be covering a wide variety of topics and issues that can be intrinsic when being on a lower OFW on the PS Vita. Some of these tricks have been previously posted and some haven’t been posted on the blog until now. Make sure to follow each step carefully and thoroughly and you will be well on your way to owning the Vita instead of it owning you. ;)

(Note: Most of these use Charles Proxy, however you can also use Fiddler in the same manner.)

Manually Updating to any firmware from a lower firmware

Manually updating to a certain firmware from a lower one can be extremely helpful, especially if you’d like to get a certain exploit (which I describe how to do later on). This is not a way to downgrade, currently there is no such method to do so. If needed, you can grab any update backed up here thanks to The Z.

1. Download and install “PS3.ProxyServer.GUI
2. Start PS3.ProxyServer.GUI and Type in your PC’s IP then select “PSP Mode” and click Start..
3. Click the Logs Tab, Then on your Vita Go to WiFi Settings and enter your PC’s IP for the Proxy.
4. Go to System Update and click “Update Using Wi-Fi”.. It will show the Latest Version then click “Next” and “Yes” Then “Do Not Accept” and “Yes”.. This will give you the Link to the PUP file it will download and install..
5. Copy this link from the Logs screen and click “Replace File” Tab.. Past that link on the left side. On the Right side click the Little button and select the PUP file you want to install.
6. Now click the “Logs” Tab again and click “Update Using Wi-Fi” and make sure in the “Logs” Tab is says that the files has been Redirected to a local file.
7. Done you can update to any Version you want.. (You can not downgrade this way)

Using Content Manager on a lower firmware and without an internet connection

The official CMA (Content Manager Assistant) for the computer from Sony doesn’t allow you to use it on a lower firmware or without internet thus blocking you from being able to copy content to your Vita. In addition it also contacts Sony’s servers exchanging information about you which pretty much invades your privacy. Most of you by now should be aware of the solution to this, Open CMA.

So what exactly is Open CMA? Open CMA is the same as the official Sony version but modified, so that you can copy files without any internet connection unlike the official Sony CMA which requires a constant internet connection to the Sony Servers. It will also not sneak a patch or do a forced firmware update on your device if one comes out and it will not send any data to Sony or their servers about whats being copied, edited, and transferred. Open CMA also does not collect data regarding crashes.

So to install Open CMA, you’ll need to first download it, there are two versions to compensate for a block that Sony incorporated in earlier firmwares. (Note: Open CMA is right now for PC only, but will be posted for Linux and OSX soon.)

Open CMA 4.5 for Firmwares 1.81 and below: here

Open CMA 5 for Firmwares 2.00 and above: here

Each of the Official release pages linked above incorporate both the downloads and instructions to install. As of Vita firmware 2.10 if you already had Open CMA 5 you’ll need to download the latest Official CMA client from Sony and then reinstall the Open CMA patch.

Transferring content/ Obtaining Exploits (that are back on PSN) and transferring (PS3 Required)

Now here is something a lot of people are unaware of; you can download exploits that were taken off PSN and put back up later and use it as long as your Vita is on the right firmware. So this is extremely helpful if you happen to buy a new Vita, miss the exploit release or happen to accidentally delete the exploitable game while it was pulled. Below is the method and a chart containing the exploits, their respective firmwares, if they’re on PSN and if they’re either Usermode or Kernel exploits. Note that a kernel exploit IF released can be ported to older usermode exploits in most cases.


  • Usermode>VHBL>Limited access so Homebrew/Emulators ONLY (No PSX either)
  • Kernel exploit>CustomEmulatorFirnwares (TN-C,TN-V, ARK)>PSP backups, PSX games, Plugins, homebrew ect.

Getting a exploit game (or any other content)on to your Vita via OpenCMA PS3 trick
1. Look in the Playstation Store for an exploit game (or other content) that is working on your OFW.
2. Download it to your PS3 and leave it in the bubble.
3. Connect your PS Vita with your PC via Open CMA.
4. Remove the Vitas USB cable and plug it on to your PS3 (Leave the usb still plugged into the port thats on the Vita.) (Dont close out the error message if you get one, until its plugged into the PS3)
5. Copy exploit game (or other content) on to your Vita.

Activating and Linking a PS Vita (PS3 Required)

This is a highly unknown trick and can save you a lot of trouble and stress. This trick is especially useful if you happen to reset your Vita or buy a new one. If you need to just activate, follow and skip to part 2 (however if that doesnt work for some reason try redoing it but by following both parts.)

  • Part 1 (Linking your PSN account)
  1. Power off your Vita completely
  2. Push and hold the PS Logo Button + the R shoulder Button + the Power Button. Hold them for a few seconds, till the screen goes on and the recovery menu appears.
  3. Select option 4. Restore the PS Vita System.
  4. Wait till the Vita boots up again and follow the instructions till it asks you if you would like to link you’re Vita with you’re PSN Account. Do this now because it’s the only way to avoid the update.
  • Part 2 (Activating your PSvita)

1. To activate you simply need to download any game that you’ve bought previously (or get a new one) with the PSN account thats tied to your Vita on the PS3.

2. Transfer said game over to your Playstation Vita and install it. Launching the game will then activate your Vita with your account.

Netflix on a lower firmware

Netflix is not available to you on lower firmwares and will ask you to update, but luckily I have an easy-to-use method to get around that barrier by blocking certain domains. You’ll need a computer to do this.

  1. You have to have Charles installed first. Start it up, and route your internet Vita traffic to it. This is done by setting your proxy in the vita to the IP address of your computer Charles is running on. It would be something like (though this only works on your local network, unless you do port forwarding, ect). Then you set the port, 8888.
  2. Now, you can navigate to the Netflix app and start it up.
  3. You should see items popping up on Charles. Right click and blacklist at least “http://fus01.psp2.update.playstation.net” (though I did every viable non-Netflix url.)
  4. Then run Netflix again, and it works. Next time you try to log into Netflix, the Vita will think Sony’s servers are down and will give you an error (NW-10743-5) which is fine, just hit OK and login! Simple as that!

If you want some extra protection against Sony you could also blacklist these as well, which are active while using Netflix.

  • http://static-resource.np.community.playstation.net
  • http://livearea.np.dl.playstation.net
  • https://gs-sec.ww.np.dl.playstation.net:443

Thats the end of the guide everyone. Hopefully this helps everyone new or experienced and will help take care of any questions. Ill be doing some more “For Dummies” guides every so often. Have an idea of what the topic should be for the next one? Let me know in the comments below!

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