LV2_Kernel Exploit Explained

September 20, 2012

As of right now, the PS3 scene is somewhat limited to a very specific group that happen to have one of the few possible hacked firmwares. However, if the exploit discussed in this coder’s blog post can happen to be capitalized on, it’s quite possible that the homebrew community just might open up to a massive degree. According to the source, there seems to be the possibility of a kernel exploit that could effect all current systems! Essentially in technical terms the crash creates what is called a stack overflow, allowing the entire security mechanism to be crushed under the right kind of code.

However, as of right now this discovery is not without its share of limitations. As Naehrwert himself puts it “you’d first need to find a suitable usermode exploit (don’t ask us), that gives you code execution with the right privileges” to work behind the protected syscall involved with the vulnerability. Additionally, the firmware itself also has a way of erasing the extra payload so that the true crash isn’t allowed to take full effect. Still, as proof of his work, my my source link shows the 3.41 version kernel in the hopes that another group may be able to help him out. Oh what a wonderful world we would live in should this be fully realized.


Tags: CFW, homebrew, Kernel Exploit, lv2 kernel exploit, Naehrwert, PS3 Hacks

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