Magus, first game developed by Aksys:

February 9, 2014

*Uncharted* territory for Niche publisher in this action RPG game.

Niche publisher Aksys will dip a toe into untested waters with this month’s PlayStation 3 release of Magus, the first game the studio is tackling in a co-development role.

The Virtue’s Last Reward publisher previously announced that it would develop Magus in partnership with Japanese developer Black Tower Studios, though few details regarding the game have been revealed since it was first teased in 2013. Magus is an action RPG in which players control a mysterious, god-like prisoner equipped with a powerful array of chromatic magical abilities.

Magus will be priced at $30 when it debuts at retail and digitally via the PlayStation Network on February 25.

Game History:

In a world of fire and water, an unfathomable power waits. Magus has been imprisoned in a tower in the Waterfall Kingdom and tortured for years. His crime is unknown; his history is a mystery. He remains locked up, powerless, until a new prisoner named Kinna arrives and she aids him in his escape. So begins their journey to discover Magus’s true abilities—chroma magic, his innate talent to absorb power from the colors green, red, and purple in the surrounding environment to unleash deadly attacks. Along the way they must face the wrath of the Waterfall Kingdom and battle them to uncover Magus’s ultimate purpose. Why has this mysterious woman decided to help him? And why now, after all this time?


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