Major Scene Leak – PS3 3.60 Keys Available

August 1, 2012

The scene is now bursting at the seams. The PlayStation 3 keys for OFW 3.60 have been leaked by member fuckyoudh over at elotrolado.

Best part is, he is a one time poster so many thought FAKE! Now you have an additional 65 games that are now playable once you patch the EBOOTS. If that isn’t enough other news suggests that a new custom firmware 3.60 is to be released with Rogero been the front runner.

So until a new custom firmware is released you can use a tool released by Deank ages ago, Deank’s EBOOT Fix Tool 0.5. This tool has been updated using the newly released keys. Enjoy!

KaKaRoTo via DevWiki – 3.60 keys Update:

Q: recently 3.60 keys surfaced (lv1ldr, lv2ldr, isoldr, appldr), what does this mean for this release and the future?
A: That is actually a multiparted answer:

Now that several binairies (Iso module + CoreOS minus the loaders that are inside lv0) can be decrypted, more investigation can be done in them, which give a new boost in (unrelated to the HeN) other targets, like:

  • Hardwareless downgrades : Downgrading with PSgrade Dongle (lv1.self)
  • QA Flagging / systemtokens (spu_token_processor.self) and usertokens (spu_utoken_processor.self)
  • PS2 compatibility (mc_iso_spu_module.self , me_iso_for_ps2emu.self , sv_iso_for_ps2emu.self)
  • Getting per_console_root_key_1 / EID_root_key on 3.56+/slim3K (lv1.self , aim_spu_module.self)
  • Backsigning applications for <=3.55 and patch sys_proc_param_version (appldr.self , lv2_kernel.self)

Q: So does this mean a future release would be sooner?
A: Only God knows But it can also be that because of the above, it would become meaningless/surpassed by better progress. So lets all hope for the best

Deank via PS3Crunch:

They also posted my ebootFIX/ebootMOD tools prepackaged with the keys in .ps3 folder, so it is ready to be used like in the old 3.41/3.55 days.

Have in mind that some games (like Sniper Ghost Warrior) have additional .self/.sprx files and it is better to use ebootFIX by dragging the PS3_GAME folder to it – it will find and fix all necessary files. If you use ebootMOD you’ll have to search for these files yourself and ‘fix’ them one by one.

Download: EBOOT Fix Tool 0.5 Mirror: Link

Sources: elotrolado via euss via KaKaRoTo via ps3crunch

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