Majrawi DEX Game Fixer Tool Released

September 11, 2012

PS3 dev Marjrawi has released a easy to use tool to build DEX friendly games.

To quote:
Hi , Here’s a trick to make it easier to fix DEX games.It means itstead of longing for 5-10 mins , it only takes 3secs or even less

you just have to download spicific game’s update and then drag and drop the update into my software ( Majrawi DEX GameFixer )

and here are the steps to do so :

Attachment 3290

1-Extracting update files

2-Making package.conf with ID + Package version
for example : BLUS30681 + 01.01

Content-ID = EP0001-BLUS30681_00-0000111122223333
K_licensee = 0×00000000000000000000000000000000
DRM_Type = Free
Content_Type = GameData
PackageType = DiscGamePatch
PackageVersion = 01.01

3-Making specific fixed package for DEX

All of these tasks only takes 3 secs to be done .




Enjoy the fun ^____^ reza_novin ( Majrawi )

[VIA PS3Crunch]

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