Majrawi DEX GameFixer Makes Fixing DEX Games a Snap

September 10, 2012

Rather than sitting around and waiting for your DEX fix to be created in about five to ten minutes time, this little piece of PC software wants to get you back into the game as quickly as possible. Through the execution of three simple steps, any user should be able to generate a completely usable .pkg file for the game that you are looking to play. By simply downloading the game update and dropping it into the program, all of the essential work will be done for you in just about half a minute.

The software works by first extracting the imported update data, which it then uses to create a unique package.comf with an updated version number to differentiate it from any other fixes you may have. Finally, the process rounds itself out by making the specific fixed package for DEX machines all before you have even broken eye contact with your computer. If you’re a developer that’s looking for a faster way to game, Majrawi’s DEX GameFixer is a software that understands your needs. In just about a minute flat including the time it takes to download, you could be all set and ready to go with your favorite Sony title on your modded console.


Tags: dex, majrawi, PS3 Hacks

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