Make Package NPDRM GUI With Many Updates

September 18, 2012



1) Fixed: OutPut BackColor / ForeColor resign upon window close/re-open
2) Added:SHA1 – This does not do 4096+ gb large files
3) Fixed: Scroller size – Bottom area
1) Added: Sounds – Settings
2) Added: OutPut Form – Removed output from main form
3) Added: Lots of Settings – See settings
4) Added: More file recognition

1) Added: Files Collapse – :)
2) Added: Output Visible – Thus NOT making the OutPut Snap to GUI.
3) Added: Skin Colors to – GUI, Settings – See Settings-Skin
4) Added: Delay on Shut down – 2.5sec
5) Added: Opacity – See Settings
6) Added: More Graphics – See Settings Skin
7) Fixed: A bug in Help topics in menu

1) Fixed: Error 13: Type miss match – Bug
2) Added: Textbox, Command button to Output form. – :)
3) Replaced: Output text font


1) Added: Output Ontop check РSee Settings 

1) Added: Refresh – See Menu
2) Added: Visual enhancements


1) Added: Skin Selection РSkins can now be selected. 


Added: Skin Error Handler РBy request [Tranced] 

Added: Skin list to Error Handler

Also added:

To Quote:

My personal Favorite – Ice Skin Released!

Download: Make Package NPDRM GUI v2.1.1127

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