Manage Your GTA Mods With The Major Distribution Mod Manager For GTA IV

March 10, 2013

Following my previous article regarding mods for GTA IV comes a nifty mod manager called Major Distribution. GTA IV game modder ICECOLDKILLAH has released his “sexy thing” which includes many mods by various developers. The updated release includes modded menus, map mods, game mods and even some developer tools. I would be rambling all day just to mention them all, so check the details below.

I don’t really like any of the other Mod Loaders and also those button combinations to open it, so i created this sexy thing. Open the Mod Loader with the START Button! To open the pause menu just press the start button while the mod loader is open! Made by ICECOLDKILLAH for XBOX & PS3! Now works with Original IV, TLAD and TBOGT!

How To Use:


Original: Press START button
EFLC: In SP you need first to call 663, from now on you just need to press the START button, in MP just press the START button

Mod Menus:

Three-Socks Trainer v1.0
XMC Menu v3.57 DeNo
XMC Menu v4.0 Public
K3R3D0Rs Menu v2.0
Evades Menu v3.0
EvilBs Console Trainer
EvilBs Network Trainer
Funny Vehicles Menu
Funny Vehicles Menu 2

Map Mods:

Rotterdam Long Jump
The Leap of Faith Ramp
Airport Heli Canon
Simple Loop 2
Climbing Man Rally Course;
Airport Stunt Park
Airport Drag Strip
Airport Huge Stunt Park
The Airport Butcher

Game Modes:

Deal Breaker II v1.1
Gang Wars v2.4 (SP)
Treasure Hunt (SP)
Treasure Hunt 2 (SP)
Hitman Jobs (SP)
Zombie Mode (SP+MP)
Police Roleplay v1.0 (SP)

Other ****:

Analog Fly Mod v3.2
Unlock Trophys
Object Launcher v0.51
Drop a Bomb
Pigeon Jumper
Car Launcher
Ultimate Deagle

Developer Tools:

EvilBs Object Spawner
Funny Car Builder
Particle Manager
Drive on Water

Addon Slots:


Download: PS3: Major Distribution 1.6

Download: XBOX: Major Distribution 1.6

Source: psx-scene

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