Mandatory Vita 2.06 firmware update live!

March 12, 2013

Sony has just rolled out a new mandatory firmware update for the PlayStation Vita.

Its been awhile since we’ve seen a new firmware update for the Vita with the last firmware update blocking the UNO exploit. Starting now in most regions official firmware update 2.06 has been rolled out and is a mandatory update meaning that if you’re on any firmware lower than that you wont have PSN access. Everyone should receive the update shortly if they haven’t already.

Of course another annoying, reoccurring affair with Sony, no details are given as to what the changes are included with the 2.06 update other than “It improves system software stability for some features.” That statement is extremely vague so it’ll take some analyzing to see what has changed. It’s odd they would release this randomly. It apparently fixes the browser javascript spoofing exploit found awhile back as you can see in the video below from theZ. (Update: we initially incorrectly stated that the firmware did not fix this vulnerability, but the vulnerability actually appears to have been fixed, apologies for this misunderstanding on our end)

Open CMA still works on this new firmware so no need to worry about that at-least!

From a gaming point of view, this firmware update fixes some lag issues in games Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 and New Little Kings Story (thanks to Rawr for the tip on that)

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