March Madness: CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner 1.12

March 5, 2013

RazorX has been squeezing out updates quicker than we can cover them. After version 1.10 was released, another update to the CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner was released shortly thereafter. Version 1.11 has a few tweaks. Check them out:

  • Updated repack pkg process to fix issue with packages that have large amounts of files such as PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX.
  • Now when creating a package file a new window pops up for the packing process don’t close this or it will not create your package.
  • Updated app to include more info so it’s easier to understand and follow what it’s doing every step of the way.
  • Setup the app so when repacking games if it also contains the PARAM.SFO in C00 it will overwrite it with the PARAM.SFO in USRDIR after the step that allows you to alter it so if you do decide to alter the PARAM.SFO it will then be copied to C00 if it exists so you won’t get a PARAM.SFO mismatch error when trying to repack the pkg file.


UPDATE: In between the publishing of this post, RazorX sneaked in the 1.12 update:

  • added support for ps2 package files.

You can download the latest version of the CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner application below.

Download: CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.12 [x86 (32 bit) | x64 (64 bit)]

Source: PSX-Scene

Tags: cfw eboot & pkg resigner, PlayStation 3, PS3, razorx

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