Massive Ubisoft sale!

March 13, 2013

Ubisoft is having a massive PSN sale for all Playstation consoles! 30% off on Ubisoft games an 50% off for PS+ members!

Ubisoft has announced a HUGE PSN sale on Twitter. Users can check it out on the online store.

This is one offer you do not want to miss. There are a total of 25 games on sale (and two add-ons)

If you have already updated, you may want to grab some games while you can, presently, we have no information about how long it will last and if it is available in all regions (currently we only know that it is available in the US).

For everyone who decided to stick with eCFW, it is up to you if you wish to update because at the moment, we have no ninja releases planned (or do we? dun dun dun…).

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