Massively Effecting Your Online Experience

April 23, 2012

The ending to Mass Effect 3 was a confusing experience for a lot of gamers and was a big talking point; however I’m here to talk about the online experience…

Mass Effect 3 makes its debut to the online world with its third instalment, and with three games to prepare; you might have thought it would be a little better thought out than this. Whilst going about my daily gaming, I ran into a frustrating yet amusing glitch in an online Mass Effect 3 game.

At first I thought perhaps I was experiencing some lag or my internet connection was about to drop, but no. The connection remained stable and my 20Mbps has great latency and to this day hasn’t let me down before, to confirm my thoughts on this, my online game continued fine…except for one ridiculous point of interest.

The Running Man! Oh Yeah. I was doing ‘The Running Man’. My character was moving about half a meter for every five steps taken, while the rest of my team mates and the enemies continued with their business. Looking back on it now, it was pretty amusing and I can share that amusement with you, as I was able to capture some brief footage of it…before falling through the floor. Yes, The floor. That happened too.

Watch The Running Man Here!

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