Mathieulh shows TN-V4 running on the PS VitaTV

November 24, 2013

A lot of you guys might know Mathieulh from his days in the PSP and PS3 scene, he is a good developer and got a version of TN-V4 from TN himself, which he could try on his PS VitaTV. But does everything work like at a 2.02 Vita? Well, lets see…

At first, Mathieulh shows the XMB running on his PS VitaTV, well, displaying on his TV, which is connected to his PS VitaTV. This might remind us of the days, in which we could hook at PSP up to the TV, which would then display the XMB, but the difference is, while the PSP had a limited resolution that was displayed, the VitaTV can scale it up to fullscreen, even though both solutions will give us a pixelated picture.

Mathieulh shows that he is able to run homebrews, emulators and even game backups, which are not officially supported by the PS Vita or by the PS VitaTV, because those are not available in the PSN Stores (Japanese Store for the VitaTV), which is very nice, but also pretty sad, because the Vita could run those titles, but Sony decided to not offer these, which is a shame.

TN-V4 at a newer Vita model

This will lead us to the conclusion, that the VitaTV is actually just a PS Vita, like the 1st or 2nd model, except that it lacks the screen and other parts. We could think of it, but this kinda confirms it. By the way, the VitaTV uses the same playstation update packages (PUPs) as the regular PS Vitas, which is another sign that the VitaTV is just a 3rd Vita model.

The VitaTV lacks the PS4-Link app, but that seems to be just a firmware flag, which disables the app from showing up, like the Skype Icon wasnt visible at a PSP 1000.
With some tricks it could be possible to let the PS4-Link App appear on a VitaTV, running firmware 3.00, but I want to talk about this at a later date, not now ;)

In the end I just want to say, be excited for TN-V4 and be sure to prepare your PSN wallet, because TN-V4 will be available soon (Between November 2013 and January 2014).
A little reminder: The VitaTV can just connect to the japanese PSN store, so you might want to take this as a little hint. But don’t worry, I bet Europe and the Americas won’t be forgotten.

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