McLowSlim & McLowPhat Mod v0.4 Released For Rogero’s 4.30 v2.05

January 8, 2013

mclow also known as seeman, has updated his mod package to work with the latest versions of Rogero’s custom firmware, added a few new things and knocked out the bug that was plaguing the Install Package Files function.


  • works Rogero 4.30 v2.05 (4.30 v2.03, 4.30 v2.04)
  • install packages and deleting are fully working now! (there was a bug)
  • apphome is under tools now!
  • added pic2 to app (to show categories in xmb)
  • added sound to app
  • changed start installation category to PHOTO

If this is one of the goodies that you have installed on your PS3, then you might want to get it updated. You can download mcLow’s mods below.


Download: mcLowSlim / mcLowPhat Mod v0.4 For Rogero CFW 4.30 v2.05


Source: PS3News

Tags: CFW, Custom Firmware, mclow, mclowphatmod, mclowslimmod, PlayStation 3, PS3, rogero 4.30, seeman

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