McLowSlimMod v0.2 Adds Some Excitement To Your XMB

December 19, 2012

If you’ve got a hacked PS3, one of the most exciting things to do with it other than playing all of those games is to make the machine yours by giving it a brand new look. For one, you want  to make sure that your PS3 looks different from the average Joe, but there are also some more practical uses for it too. When you’re part of the scene, you’ve got way more files and you need places to store them. This mod has book the look and functionality of a good skin covered, and it will work with installers on both slim and phat PS3s as long as you’re running Rogero 4.30 v2.03.

In terms of features, you’ll first notice that the start screen has been changed to make the Rogero name a little more pronounced, but that’s not all. Now your XMB icons will sport a neon glow that really makes them stand out from the other parts of the screen. With organization in mind, there are also sections for multimedia, homebrew, PSN, PSX, tools, data, and online. Of course  tools comes with a full on .pkg installer and remover as well so that will come in handy. Also, within game your PSN and HDD games will now be separate. Still, maybe you should see the mod in action through this video rather than just reading about it.

For full install instructions for all systems, be sure to check out my source or post a comment below.


Tags: CFW, homebrew, mclowslimmod v0.2, PS3 Hacks, PSN, PSX, Rogero, tools, XMB

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